How to Prevent Wrinkles: 14 Best Natural Ways to Avoid Wrinkles on Facial Skin

How to Prevent Wrinkles

Looking to prevent wrinkles without subjecting your skin to harmful chemicals? This article will outline several ways on how to prevent wrinkles on face from forming in the first place.

Natural Ways for Preventing Wrinkles on Face

Wrinkles are something that cannot be avoided as we get older, but they can be prevented for longer, and even reduced after having them. Try these skin care tips to treat and prevent wrinkles on skin.

Avoid Too Much Exposure to Sun for Preventing Wrinkles

If you spend too much time on the sun, UV-rays will have a damaging effect on your skin and production of collagen. Elastic fibers and collagen will collapse as a result, which leaves your skin more loose and may develop under eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, and wrinkles around mouth and neck. Sun spots and age spots will also develop prematurely and in excess.

Wear Sunscreen and Sunglasses to Prevent Wrinkles under Eyes and Crows Feet

To complement the upper paragraph; in case you do expose yourself to a lot of sun, for example if your job requires it to do so, make sure that you always apply natural sunscreen and wear sunglasses, which will greatly help to prevent eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, and neck wrinkles to form prematurely. Wear protection in the cloudy weather and winter months as well.

Stop Smoking to Prevent Wrinkles Naturally

Cigarette smoke increases production of enzymes, which break down production of collagen, resulting in loose skin and wrinkles around mouth, upper lip wrinkles and crows feet around eyes. Cigarette smoke also reduces blood circulation and decrease supply of oxygen to the cells, making your skin pale and thin.

Get Adequate Sleep to Avoid Wrinkles

Chronic lack of sleep may have a severe impact on the condition of your metabolism and may delay the renewal of cells, which leaves your skin looking older and without life. You should sleep at least 8 hours every night (not day) to give your body time to regenerate its cells fully.

Sleep On Your Back to Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

Sleeping position also plays an important role in order to prevent wrinkles. Sleeping on the side will create wrinkles on your cleavage area as well as on that side of the face that is being pressed against the pillow. Sleeping on the stomach may cause scowled eyebrows as well as wrinkle your cheeks. The best way to avoid fine lines and wrinkles is by sleeping on your back.

Sleeping on our back not only help to avoid formation of sleep wrinkles, but also to prevent any deformities of your spine and to give your body the most rest. It may take some time to get used to a new position, but once you do you will sleep much better.

Control Your Facial Expressions for Preventing Facial Wrinkles

Muscles and skin on our face are constantly under the stress and use due to repetitive facial expressions and grimacing. Often repetition of the same facial expressions result in creases, frown lines and deep wrinkles on your forehead, wrinkles around mouth, and crows feet around eyes. If you want to prevent wrinkles to form as a result of these factors, then you should become more aware about your facial movements at any given time and avoid unnecessary grimacing.

Avoid Squinting to Prevent Eye Wrinkles

Squinting will overwork your facial muscles, which will result in creation of grooves beneath the surface of the skin. Those grooves will sooner or later become wrinkles you may find hard to get rid of. Squinting can cause the development of crow's feet in the corner of your eyes. Wearing sunglasses help reduce squinting in the sunlight and thereby avoid eye wrinkles.

Limit Alcohol Consumption to Avoid Fine Lines
Alcohol contains poisonous active ingredients that are responsible for destruction of large amounts of calories and dehydration of the cells. Your skin will eventually become dry and without the shine.

Consume More Antioxidants to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Prevent wrinkles by supplying your skin with what it needs. Your skin is the largest organ and it reflects everything that is going on inside the body. Did you know that just by examining your skin, doctor can identify if you have a particular problem with livers or intestine for example

Antioxidants are the most important natural remedy in fighting with free radicals – something that helps your skin to age faster and expose your body to more diseases. Free radicals are the result of processed and fast food, alcohol consumption, white flour, white sugar and meat.

For that reason alone, a proper nutrition is of out-most importance to stay healthy and to have a beautiful skin and prevent wrinkles. Consume a lot of vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, seeds, nuts, herbs and cold pressed oils. By eating balanced meals with these ingredients, you supply your body with absolutely all essentials, and you do so in the most quality way possible. By doing so, you will greatly contribute to the healthy looking skin and prevent wrinkles.

Avoid Wrinkles by Reducing Meat Consumption

In contradiction to aforementioned foods, meat actually helps to create free radicals that eventually harm your skin. Try to lean more towards balanced plant meals and cut down on meat consumption.

Drinking Water Can Prevent Wrinkles

Sufficient hydration is very important so that body has enough to flush out all the toxins. Skin cells will stay constantly moist and full, resulting in much smoother and younger looking skin.

How to Get rid of Wrinkles using Moisturizer

To prevent wrinkles on face you should also help your skin staying moist by applying natural moisturizer or natural cold pressed oils on your skin every day. The best practice is to apply it overnight as well as during the day if you feel it is necessary.

Don’t Over-Wash Your Face

You should wash your skin no more than twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Washing too often removes all of the naturally present oils from your skin, which causes irritations, dryness and more wrinkles.

Avoid Stressful Situations for Wrinkle Prevention

If we are constantly under a lot of stress, our body releases certain hormones (such as cortisol) in order to cope with the situation. Larger amounts of cortisol can have a negative impact on our immune system, it reduces muscular tissue and cause skin to become thinner and more wrinkled.
how to prevent wrinkles

Be Happy to Get Rid of Wrinkles

As a result of not being under stress, you will be happy. Our own mental attitude is proven to have the greatest impact on our own well-being than any other factor – external or internal. The way we think and communicate with the world is directly, unconditionally reflected on our body. While changing our own thinking patterns is probably the hardest thing to accomplish, those that do, can truly be called the masters of their lives.

You may want to begin by stop worrying about your skin and how to prevent wrinkles and start leading a healthier and happier life. Your skin will automatically change in appearance as well as your entire body will as a result of your efforts.

Conclusion on How to Prevent Wrinkles

If you have read the entire article you may have found out that most of these tips require very little efforts and need only more of your awareness and little discipline. Some habits are harder to change but can be if you put your efforts into it.

Your skin and your body will be very grateful, and so will you, when you will continuously look younger than your age and feel happier as well as won’t have to look for ways to prevent wrinkles all the time.

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