Tips to Get Rid of Cleavage Wrinkles Chest Wrinkles

How to Get Rid of Cleavage Wrinkles and Chest Wrinkles

In the article bellow you can find few facts about undesired wrinkles between your breasts and learn how to get rid of cleavage wrinkles and chest wrinkles. First you should know why they occur.

Have you noticed wrinkles and lines on the chest or between your breasts? They may be completely normal and natural part of ageing but sometimes cleavage wrinkles have nothing to do with the age and they appear as a result of repetitive habits or some other external factors.

With right knowledge and proper care we may reduce cleavage wrinkles or prevent premature appearance.

Causes of Cleavage Wrinkles

Keep in mind that skin on the chest is much more sensitive, thin and delicate than skin on your face, therefore it is more vulnerable to internal and external factors, which accelerate forming of cleavage wrinkles. Most common external factors are

- Excessive exposure to the sun

- Repetitive sleeping on one side

- Wearing of push-up bras, which smash the breasts together sometimes even for the whole day of wearing

- Wearing of uncomfortable bras during the sport activity

Lines and wrinkles on the chest or between breasts have nothing to do with breasts size and most often neither with the age. Those wrinkles may appear even at young women with smaller breasts. Most of women have high percentage of subcutaneous fat on area around chest; if this percent is reduced there is increased possibility of appearance of chest wrinkles. That is why thin women are more prone to cleavage wrinkles.

Tips to Remove Cleavage Wrinkles Chest Wrinkles

To avoid premature wrinkles on chest, it is recommended to moisturize the chest on a regular basis, which means every day! You do not need to spend your money for expensive wrinkles creams; most often you can find effective and definitely healthier products among items in your kitchen. Olive and almond oils are excellent home remedies for wrinkles that contain high amount of antioxidants, which work against free radicals and consequently against wrinkles on cleavage.

Once a week you should afford your chest area a nutritive homemade mask, which you get from banana, honey and milk. Mix all ingredients together, apply it on your cleavage wrinkles or better on whole chest area and wait for about 20 minutes. Bananas have moisturizing and lift properties, honey is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial product, while milk works as a gentle pilling against fine lines or deeper cleavage wrinkles.

Pay special attention on proper nutrition because healthy diet is the key to beautiful and young looking skin. Some ingredients are specially known as anti-wrinkle foods because they are rich source of antioxidants that help to provide firmness and elasticity of the skin. Therefore your diet should contain avocado, soya, garlic, ginger, rice, carrot, sweet potato…

To reduce cleavage wrinkles it is also very important to protect your skin against sun’s harmful effects with quality UV-lotion; choose one with mineral filters. Good solution also presents sesame oil, which is natural UV protector.

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