Facial Exercises - The Ultimate Way to Fight Skin Aging

Facial Exercises - The Ultimate Way to Fight Skin Aging

Most women today face a dilemma called skin aging. This is a natural transformation of the skin that can be prevented by a whole lot of ways. One of these means is known as facial exercises. Doing these exercises yield great results when they are done properly and regularly.

In preparation for the exercise, have your face moisturized. You can do this by rubbing a lubricant or mineral oil on your face or just by applying the moisturizer you use daily. You can also just splash your face with water if you want. Never ever start the exercise without moisturizing your face or when you have a dry skin.

The five main facial areas we would like to focus on this exercise are the muscles surrounding the eyes, chin, neck, mouth and scalp. These exercises will be able to lighten your face and beat those wrinkles in a few days or weeks after regular exercise.

Muscles around the eye area

The eyes can truly indicate signs of aging especially for those people who are always stressed or those who lack sleep. So here's how to improve the appearance of your eye area. Put your fingers on your temples and pull slightly backwards. Close your eyes, fingers still pressed on your temples. Do this exercise for 25 to 50 times.

To obtain satisfying results, you can do this for two sets of 20 repetitions every day.

Muscles around the chin area

To keep your chin firm and get rid of loose skin, pull your lower lip upward and hold this position for approximately 5 seconds. This position should make your chin look protruded at the front. After which, pull you chin down and feel the stretch of the muscles at your chin area. Take note that your head should be straight all throughout this exercise. To obtain greater results, do this for two sets at 20 repetitions per day.

Scalp Area

Minimize the lines or wrinkles on your forehead by doing this easy exercise. Just raise your eyebrows and stay in that position for two to three seconds. After that, pull your ear muscles backward and feel that there is a contraction of the muscles at the back of your head. Repeat this exercise for five minutes and you'll be able to lose those wrinkles!

Mouth Region

To make your mouth look a lot fuller, you can exercise it by extending and contracting your mouth. All you need to do is put your index fingers inside your mouth and pull it about a quarter to about 3/8 inch and hold it for about 2 to 3 seconds. Make sure that your hands are clean before doing this or else you'll have problems with bacteria too. After holding your mouth in that position, contract you lips in such a way that the fingers inside your mouth touch each other. Repeat this step 25 to 50 times.

Neck Region

This exercise will help eliminate the loose skin at the front of your neck and make it look a lot more firm. Tilt your head back, making sure that your chin is positioned slightly upward. Place your tongue at the roof area of your mouth. Hold that position for about two to three seconds and slowly lower down your chin. Make sure that your tongue is still at the top of your mouth.

So there! Just follow these tips everyday and you'll see a different new you in no time! Just do these exercises properly and always remember to stay happy and smile!

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