Get Rid of Dark Circles under Eyes: Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles

Get Rid of Dark Circles under Eyes using Home Remedies

Whatever the reason for those dark circles under your eyes, they can be removed naturally  by using natural home remedies. Natural remedies that remove dark circles under eyes are fairly easy to find.

Nothing is more unsightly than dark circles under eyes. These dark under eye circles makes a person look older than their stated age and makes them look tired. Allergies, eczema, nasal congestion and the thinning skin due to age can all contribute to dark circles under the eyes.

Home Remedies to Remove under Eye Dark Circles

Here are some of the best home remedies to remove dark under eye circles and to enhance your natural beauty.

1. To get rid of dark circles, apply a paste made from a teaspoon of tomato juice, half teaspoon lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder, and a pinch of gram flour. Apply this preparation once or twice a day for a week to remove dark circles under eyes.

2. Applying crushed mint leaves around the eyes can also reduce under eye dark circles. This remedy can be used two times a day to get rid of dark circles under eyes and and under eye bags effectively.

3. Close your eyes and cover your eyelids with slices of raw potato or cucumber for 15-20 minutes. This will drain the stress from the eyes and cool it down. This is an effective way of removing dark circles naturally.

4. Grind nutmeg with milk and make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your black circles. This is one of the best home remedies to get rid of dark circles.

5. Prepare a thick paste of turmeric, tomato juice, lentils, and lemon juice. Apply this home remedy twice daily to get rid of dark eye circles.

6. Cold milk also helps a lot to reduce eyes dark circles and dry skin around eyes. Place cotton wool swabs dipped in cold milk on closed eyes for 10-15 minutes daily before sleeping.

7. Cotton balls soaked in rose water, and kept over the eyes daily, helps remove dark circles, bags under eyes, and cools the eyes.

8. Tea bags are found to be very effective as far as curing dark circles is concerned. Apply cool tea bags on the top of each eye for 20 minutes everyday. tea bag remedy is also effective for getting rid of crows feet and puffy bags under eyes.

9. Do a regular under eye massage using almond oil or coconut oil for 15 minutes. This is a very effective natural and safe treatment on how to get rid of dark circles under eyes. It also removes under eye wrinkles and under eye bags.

10. The acupressure point for eyes is on the mount below the index finger of your palms. Gently pressing this mount will enhance eye sight and also remove dark circles under eyes.

11. You may develop eye wrinkles and dark circles below the eyes because of the harmful rays of the sun. Hence, protect your eyes from the sun by wearing sunglasses.

12. Proper rest and 6 to 8 hours of sleep is very essential to prevent and remove dark circles, bags under eyes, and tired eyes.

13. Dehydration may be the cause of black circles under eyes, under eye wrinkles, and dryness under eyes, so drinking plenty of water help in reducing dark circles under eyes, eye wrinkles, and dryness around eyes.

These were some of the effective home remedies to get rid of dark circles under your eyes naturally. You can follow any one of these natural remedies to remove dark circles easily.

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